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German Road-Railbus at Bochum-Dalhausen Railway Museum (7895398196)

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Welcome to Aaron Davis's Physics 2400 page![edit] [Instructor's Wiki 000]

First lab 15:00, 16 January 2018 (UTC)[edit]

hello! What I did with the motion detector:

At first we had a problem getting the motion detector plugged in to the right port on the labquest2 box. We eventually figured out there was a hidden port on the top of the device. After we got the device powered up, we were able to measure the motion of a hand getting closer and farther away from the motion detector. Our resulting position graph showed a repeating parabola of motion. To get the device to start recording motion, we pressed play on the labquest2 box. It takes 3 points to describe a parabola.

Spitwad Lab[edit]

Here is what they did:

Students were tasked to figure out the acceleration of a basketball rolling down a hall. In order to calculate the acceleration, students needed to monitor the change in position and the change in velocity. They used spit wads to mark the positions of the ball as it rolled down the hall. Each spit wad was thrown after 1 second had passed. They then measured each position of the spit wads and recorded it in a table. Velocity was also calculated and put in the table. Acceleration was computed and put in the report as well, which ended up being 3.0 M/S^2.